Next US President Odds: A Betting Guide

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πŸ”΄Things are hotting up in the race to the White House and betting on the Next US president is a major part of the political betting landscape right now. Here our Politics expert Nigel Skinner provides a preview for betting on this interesting market

Next US President Odds: A Betting Guide
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Are you ready for the thrill of political predictions? Many betting sites offer Markets on who the next president of the United States will be. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of placing bets on presidential candidates, providing you with valuable insights and tips to make informed decisions. Whether you're a political enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting wager, read on to discover more about next president betting options and the ten best political betting sites to place your bets.

Predict the next US President

ജWho will reign supreme in the White House after the next election? Read on to find out the historical and current landscape for some clues as to which way the next election might go.

Next US President Betting Odds

🌱These are the latest odds available for candidates in the race to become the next president of the US which looks to be a Trump vs Biden race once again as of Feb 2024

Next US President Feb 2024
Donald Trump 5/4
Joe Biden 7/4

𒆙Looking right back to 2021, we can see how the position of favourite to be the President has fluctuated with Donald Trump falling out of favour but returning to favourtism in the betting as the election approaches. Market data from Smarkets

Next US President Feb 2024 Feb 2023 Feb 2022 Feb 2021
Donald Trump 5/4 9/2 3/1 13/2
Joe Biden 7/4 3/1 11/2 13/2

The Betting Race to Become US President

3.9 / 5 74 Ratings

Smarkets for Political Betting

πŸ¦‚Comparing 64 different UK-regulated bookmaker sites, Smarkets leads the way and have no fewer than 41 US political betting markets available

Smarkets Review

  • Live Odds Data, Charts, and Graphs
  • Better Odds With Low Commission Rates
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How To Bet On The Next US President

The first thing you need to do to be able to bet on who will become the next President of the United States is find a Bookmaker that offers a market. I have created another article for the Best Political betting Sites that will point you in the right direction if your current sports betting app does not offer it.


Top 10 Political Betting Websites in the UK

How To Place A Next US President Bet

  • Go to the politics section at the bookmaker of your choice. 
  • Scroll down to the next US President Odds. 
  • All you need do is click on your selection.
  • This will open up the bet slip, at which point you will see confirmation of the betting odds being offered
  • Now you choose your stake - most betting sites will show you how much you can expect to have returned if your prediction is correct.
  • If you are happy, hit, PLACE BET, to confirm your selection, stake, and bet.
  • You will be given a receipt for your bet and it will appear in your open bets in your account details.

βœƒThen it's just a matter of waiting to see who is finally chosen as the next president. 

Betting Exchange Record

πŸŽ€The 2020 US Election saw the largest amount of money ever traded on a political betting market. Betfair reported that over 600 million pounds was traded on their platform.

How To Trade The Next US President Betting Market

ΰ± Betting exchanges like Smarkets allows you to both bet and lay selections, providing an option to become a market trader.

πŸŒ„Because the US Presidential Election has early betting odds you can place a bet on a betting exchange and if your selection shortens in the betting you can LAY the selection to secure a profit or LAY the selection first and if the candidate drifts in the betting you can back it to secure a profit. 

β™”To read more about the advantages and the pitfalls of trading on an exchange please visit our betting exchange guide. 


How to Effectively Use a Betting Exchange: The Ultimate Guide

Other Betting Options

🎢There are a whole host of other potential betting markets around US politics - As mentioned, Smarkets have some 41 individual markets at the time of writing. Here are some other options for the Presidency you might consider.

Which Party Will Win The White House in 2024?

β™šIn the winning party betting market, the Republicans are the favourites but as you can see the odds are close. 

Party Odds Percentage Chance
Republicans 10/11 53.00%
Democrats 11/10 47.00%
Any Other 30/1 2.78%

Who Will Win the 2024 Presidential Popular Vote?

ꦛPopular vote betting is the total amount of votes cast for each candidate. 

ꦏWe saw in 2016 that Hilary Clinton despite losing the race for President received nearly 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. 

πŸ—ΉIn 2020 Joe Biden won the popular vote by 7 million when securing the White House. 

Party Odds Percentage Chance
Democrats 1/3 75.00%
Republicans 11/4 26.70%

2020 US Election Results Map

🎐For some insight into how the states voted in 2024, we have a map that highlights how each voted. Something you may want to consider if betting on individual states' election results.

Presidential Elections by Each State

πŸ’―I looked back to the last US Presidential Election to see if we could get a handle on which states may offer betting opportunities.

The closest races in 2020 were as follows:

State Winner Percentage Win
Georgia Biden 0.23%
Arizona Biden 0.31%
Wisconsin Biden 0.63%
Pennsylvania Biden 1.16%
North Carolina Trump 1.35%
Nevada Biden 2.39%
Michigan Biden 2.78%
Florida Trump 3.40%

πŸ”΄The figures below are the number of times that particular state has returned that party in the last 6 elections since 2000.  

β–¨A 6-0 scoreline, either way, does not mean that the state cannot turn, but it is less likely.

State Democrat Republican
Alabama 0 6
Alaska 0 6
Arizona 1 5
Arkansaw 0 6
California 6 0
Colorado 4 2
Connecticut 6 0
Deleware 6 0
DC 6 0

Last 10 US Presidents

κ¦°Here is a list of Previous US president going back Lyndon B Johnson who took office for the first time in 1963

President Term Dates Party
Joe Biden 2020 - Democrat
Donald J Trump 2016 - 2020 Republican
Barack Obama 2009 -2017 Democrat
George W Bush 2001 -2209 Republican
Bill Clinton 1993-2001 Democrat
George H W Bush 1989-1993 Republican
Ronald Regan 1981 -1989 Republican
Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 Democrat
Gerald Ford 1974-1977 Republican

Two Term Presidents Of The United States

There have been 13 presidents who have served two full terms with Franklin Delano Roosevelt serving 3 terms before and during the 2nd꧑ World War. Joe Biden will be attempting to join the list in 2024

PresidentTerm DatesParty
Franklin Delano Roosevelt1933-1945Democrat

PresidentTerm DatesParty
Barack Obama2009 -2017Democrat
George W Bush2001-2009Republican
Bill Clinton1993-2001Democrat
Ronald Reagan 1981-1989Republican
Dwight D Eisenhower1953-1961Republican
Woodrow Wilson1913-1921Democrat
Grover Cleveland 1885 -1897 (Non Consecutive Terms)Democrat
Ulysses S Grant1869-1877Republican
Andrew Jackson1829-1837Democrat
James Monroe1817-1825Democratic-Republican 
James Madison1809 -1817Democratic-Republican
Thomas Jefferson1801-1809Democratic Republican

5 Youngest and Oldest Presidents Of The United States

ꦐTheodore Roosevelt assumed the Presidency when William McKinley was assassinated in New York. 

Theodore Roosevelt42Republican
John F Kennedy43Democrat
Bill Clinton 46Democrat
Ulysses S Grant46Republican
Barack Obama47Democrat

🐎When Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017 he became the oldest person to take office, surpassing Ronald Reagan.  

✀Then Joe Biden assumed office at age 78, at the 2024 US Election he will be 82. 

Joe Biden78Democrat
Donald J Trump70Republican
Ronald Reagan69Republican
William Henry Harrison68Whig
James Buchanan65Democrat
George HW Bush64Republican

Will the US electorate decide that an 82-year-old is not capable enough to run the country for another four years?

Nigel Skinner - OLBG Editor

The White House

Next US President Betting News Diary Timeline

🌼The betting odds for The Next US President are always on the move as the US election draws closer. 

Here is a round-up of the Next US President Betting News from our OLBG News feed

14th February 2024


US Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump now 10/11 FAVOURITE to win the 2024 US Presidential Election as Joe Biden's odds drift further!

30th January 2024


US Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump moves into ODDS-ON favourite at 5/6 to win the 2024 US Presidential Election as Joe Biden drifts in market!

20th January 2024


Time Person of the Year 2024 Betting Odds: Donald Trump now 10/3 FAVOURITE to be the Time Person of the Year for 2024 with US Election taking place in November!

4th April 2023


Donald Trump Twitter Odds: Former US President now just 10/11 to return to Twitter at some point in 2023 with his last post on the social media platform in 2021!

24th January 2023


Donald Trump Betting Specials: Bookies make it 6/1 that Trump is sentenced to PRISON in 2023 with criminal charges still up in the air!

20th December 2022


Donald Trump 2023 Betting Specials: Former President has a 66% CHANCE of starting his own TV Channel according to latest betting odds!

23rd November 2022


US Politics Betting Specials: Joe Biden is with bookies 5/2 to NOT serve his first term as President of the United States in full!

15th August 2022


2024 US Presidential Betting: Trump remains 3/1 FAVOURITE with bookmakers despite FBI raid last week

19th January 2022


2024 US Presidential Betting - Trump now Clear Favourite at 7/2 with Bookmakers.

August 23rd 2021


Donald Trump's Chance of Becoming the Next US President Keeps Increasing According to Bookmakers

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